Solutions for production, testing and quality control

For several years, Pinja has delivered solutions for the vehicle and mobile work-machine industry that have remarkably improved the efficiency and quality of production.

Production systems

In the area of production systems, we have created solutions integrated into various production stages:

  • Automation
  • Assembly
  • Configuration
  • Software downloads
  • Replenishment
  • Production management

Comprehensive manufacturing execution systems (MES) delivered as full-scope system deliveries are also one of our strong areas, for which we have received very positive feedback from our customers.

Testing systems

A functional and well integrated testing system producing real-time follow-up information during the production stages is an important part of high-quality production. It guarantees cost-efficient manufacturing solutions and ensures the best possible product quality without subsequent repairs and adjustments.

We are a specialist in developing versatile and high-quality testing systems. We master the latest technologies and measuring techniques.

Quality control and reporting

Only consistent quality control encompassing the entire supply chain can guarantee high-quality end products. Besides quality control, a well integrated and flexible reporting system is essential to be able to efficiently utilise the reports in production.

We implement quality control and reporting systems with strong professional skills utilising the latest technologies and flexible, well-integrated methods. Our solutions guarantee their true and cost-efficient utilisation in each link of the supply chain, between all production units, as well as in the end customer documentation.

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