Establishment of the quality of your product is up to the customers – your task is to assure it

Regardless of industry, quality is a precondition to any business. Based on quality, the value of products and the company’s reputation is determined as compared to other competitors in the field. Quality ensures product sales potential and market demand.

Real-time production quality data is a company’s most important tool for operation measurement, management, and development.

What happens if there is no quality control?

Efficient and automatic quality assurance:


Reduces production costs and streamlines operation

Prevents faulty products from reaching the customers

Standardizes product quality and saves the organisation’s resources

Faulty products cause considerable additional costs to companies

The most cost-efficient solution for detection of production quality deviations is to measure the design, product development and production process in as early stage as possible. Defective products ending up at end customers result in claims and follow-up processing-related expenses, production rearrangement costs, reputational damage, and claims for compensation. In the worst case, market demand for the products can be lost due to poor or varying product quality.

Additional costs resulting from faulty products and quality problems constitute a significant expenditure item in the manufacturing industry.

The importance of quality control grows as production batches become smaller and the number of tested product properties and different product variations increases.

The quality criteria of products and components, as well as traceability requirements to the testing and quality assurance processes in industry are becoming more and more stringent.

Check out the different ways for quality control

Quality monitoring is particularly important in the following industries

Energy industry

Mobile machinery

Component manufacture and maintenance

Marine industry

Paper industry

Research and product development

Electronics industry

Process industry

Modern measuring, testing and quality assurance systems ensure that your products are flawless

With the help of a professional and experienced system supplier, you can ensure the best preconditions for implementation, upkeep, and follow-up elaboration of your development project. Using Pinja’s modern measuring, testing and quality assurance systems, you will ensure that your products are flawless in production and develop new products and services based on comprehensive measurement data.

Our systems utilize automation for performance of testing processes, measurement data collection and storage, equipment control, data analysis, and reporting of results. Our system concept is modular and scalable from individual laboratory measurement equipment for product development to global test system solutions including multiple production facilities and dozens of production lines.

Preliminary design and development services, system deliveries and upkeep

We provide our customers with development and design services, as well as complete system deliveries. These deliveries include software, electrical systems, mechanical equipment, hydraulic systems, etc., all tailored to customer preferences. After commissioning of the systems, we take care of upkeep and follow-up development proceeding from our customers’ needs.

Data management, analysis and reporting

Data management allows achieving traceability of operations, for example, as well as systematic analysis of the production process using data analysis methods. Analysis can be used to develop production processes, create new products and services, and generate the necessary reports for the various levels of the organization. Our testing systems can be integrated seamlessly into MES, ERP, and SAP systems, among others.

Testing as a Service (TaaS)

We deliver measurement, testing, and quality assurance services based on the TaaS model. With the TaaS model, a company can acquire measurement, testing, or quality assurance services after a small initial investment, followed by provision of the service based on a monthly fee or on accruals basis. Using the TaaS model, outsourcing quality assurance to qualified professionals is quick and easy.

Remote condition monitoring

The need for remote monitoring of equipment, machines and systems is constantly developing. We offer state-of-the-art, reliable remote monitoring applications and systems for our customers’ challenging applications. Analysis, reporting, and integration of remote condition monitoring data into our customers’ systems is part and parcel of our system deliveries.

Sight by Pinja – collect, integrate, visualize and analyze quality data with a single system

We help make quality data real-time, clear and transparent to the entire organization. We turn data into support for decision-making by visualizing and analyzing it, and integrating it into business operations.

We guide, and help enrich and utilize data so that companies have the opportunity to increase profitability and competitiveness by using reliable quality data. We will not leave you on your own with the system. We are your partner in cyclical maintenance and continuous improvement.

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100+ customers
1,000,000+ systems tested annually
200+ systems delivered
20+ years of experience in automation
global deliveries
support and maintenance

The implementation technology of the modern testing system is tailored to integrate with your existing systems

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National Instruments measuring and control equipment, Siemens automation equipment and Beckhoff automation equipment.

Programming languages

National Instruments (LabVIEW, TestStand), Siemens STEP7, TIA PORTAL, Beckhoff TwinCAT, Codesys, Microsoft-teknologiat ja .NET/C#.

Web programming languages

HTML, Javascript, .NET CORE, Angular, Node.js, ASP, PHP, yms.

Database solutions

Microsoft MSSQL/Azure, MySQL and time series databases (SkyWATS, ElasticSearch).

Our customers’ experiences

ABB Marine

The condition and performance of ABB’s Azipod propulsion systems is monitored remotely all over the world using a system developed by Pinja.

For more information, read the ABB Marine success story

Nammo Lapua

Nammo Lapua uses Pinja’s machine vision system for automatic quality control, which has reduced manual supervision and human errors.

For more information, read the Nammo Lapua success story


Each Valtra tractor undergoes comprehensive final testing using Pinja’s testing and quality assurance system. The system is being constantly updated and expanded.

For more information, read the Valtra success story


Rocla utilizes in the product development of its lift trucks an electronics and software simulation and testing application supplied by Pinja.

For more information, read the Rocla success story


Wärtsilä utilizes a test drive process and loading automation and data collection system supplied by Pinja.

For more information, read the Wärtsilä success story


Neste utilizes Pinja’s control and measurement systems in its testing facilities used for development of new fuels, for example.

For more information, read the Neste success story


VTT’s research areas include combustion engines and electric motors as well as vehicle emissions – related to this area, Pinja has supplied several software applications and equipment to VTT.

For more information, read the VTT success story


Pinja provides software development for the WIPS (Wicetec Ice Prevention System) systems and also offers cloud services and equipment support analyses for the needs of Wicetec.

For more information, read the Wicetec success story

Smartrac Technology

Pinja provides Smartrac Technology with tailored software for product testing of RFID tag production lines. New production lines and modernization of existing ones are implemented in close co-operation between Smartrac and Pinja.

For more information, read the Smartrac Technology success story