Expertize, trust, and experience are key in investment project planning

Investments are big decisions that look far into the future and involve the making of the right decisions based on the best possible expertise. It is important to recognize risks and opportunities even before the investment decision is made in order to build a solid foundation with the project.

A skilled planning partner can offer a secure support for the client to lean on when making important decisions. Trust and the setting of mutual goals are important, because changes will require adaptation along the way.

Why engineering partner should be chosen carefully?

The hallmarks of a good planning partner are:


The partner will create a shared willingness to succeed even when answers are not simple

The partner is an industrial innovator who looks forward and refuses to settle for mediocrity

The partner makes sure that the project is completed on time and according to the set objectives

Investing in professional engineering services saves money in total costs

Each planning project is unique. The lifecycle of the project outcome is often dozens of years. The challenge for project operations is that decisions should be gotten right the first time. You cannot always go back to change your decisions, because schedules and budgets have set the boundary conditions within which success must be achieved. 

Decisions should always be based on the best possible information, experience, and expertise. It could be said that by choosing a reliable planning partner, the client is also buying a peace of mind and a good night’s sleep.

Planning partnership benefits for the client:

High-quality planning improves operational reliability

The share of planning in investment project costs is low, but its impact on the end result is crucial in terms of finances and scheduling. Planning must be always based in the best possible expertise, calculation, and quality assurance.

Experienced specialists introduce costs savings

It is worth it to invest in expertise, because you need to get your projects right the first time. It is a good idea to rely on experts familiar with the industry, legislation, and standards when making decisions. Assuming is the mother of all mistakes.

Modern planning tools introduce efficiency and security

It is worthwhile to laser scan and model the design environment in almost all modernisation projects, which improves the quality of the planning and creates better initial data. Processes can also be modelled and simulated in a manner which reduces surprises in the commissioning stage. 

We offer our industrial planning services especially for:

Energy and circular economy

Process industry

Paper and cellulose industry

Machine shop industry

Manufacturing industry

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Pinja’s industrial engineering services for the entire lifecycle

We offer industrial planning services by the best tools in the business and with decades of experience. We are happy to accept total responsibility for your project, starting with the identification of the investment need and ending with the actual planning and project completion.

Project management and leadership

  • Total project management (EPCM)
  • Procurement specifications
  • Schedules and completion plans
  • Authoritative permits and consultation

Facility design

  • Pipeline design
  • Layout design
  • Containers, silos, and process equipment 

Process planning

  • Process dimensioning and balance calculations
  • Process descriptions
  • Process safety and risk assessments

Structural design

  • Steel structures 
  • Concrete structures 
  • Structural dimensioning and modelling

Automation design

  • Functional descriptions and safety automation 
  • Automation design for PLC and DCS systems
  • Commissioning and turn-key deliveries

Electrical design and instrumentation

  • Electrical design for both low and high voltage electricity
  • Individual adjustable use solutions for all voltage ranges
  • AC and DC line use solutions
  • Control systems for electricity production

Strength and flow calculations

  • Calculation for steel and concrete structures
  • Calculation for pipelines and pressure equipment
  • Calculation for devices and containers 
  • Analyses and modelling

Expert and analysis services

  • Laser scanning and processing of 3D models
  • Vibration measurements and analyses
  • CFD flow modelling and risk reviews

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