Ensure the performance of your production processes with a professional production team, not just single individuals

Production plants regardless of the industry use automation as a central part of their production processes. Operating reliability and maintainability of automation systems and related support services play a critical role in the management of production processes.

When systems require upgrading or renewal, it is challenging to find expertise with the traditional person-dependent recruitment model. In addition, tight schedules in competitive procurement and bidding for contractors create additional challenges when looking for suitable design resources.

Why is investing in a production team the most beneficial?

Challenges of key-person-dependent design resources: 


Cost efficiency, quality and the success of a development project depend on one individual

Support is not always received at a critical moment when the system knowhow is key-person-dependen

Supervision of design resources of several suppliers takes a remarkable amount of the company’s time

A production team from one source and an intelligent automation solution can guarantee both support and updates on a fast schedule

Production plants often outsource significant part of their automation development from automation suppliers who then become a critical part of operations of the production organization. The selection of an automation investment or automation consults is often a demanding process including technical specifications, competitive bidding processes and various steps of project management. The acquisition of cost-efficient support and maintenance services provided by the automation supplier is also a challenging task for the purchase organization of the production plant in project-type activities.

An extensive production team led by an experienced project manager

Experienced project managers interact and communicate with the customer defining the tasks for their teams. Good management and coordination guarantee good quality/price ratios.

Projects are carried out in a controlled and transparent way saving your time

Projects are carried out using a standard production process, which means that the customer’s input in project management and follow-up can be smaller.

An extensive team guarantees immediate availability of support resources even after the project

The resources of a production team are flexibly available whenever needed for further development, support or maintenance purposes.

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Every branch of industry uses automation

Energy industry

Paper and pulp industry

Marine industry

Mobile work machines

Process industry

Bulk product industry

Improve quality and increase cost efficiency of investments with a production team – Ensure support and continuity of production

Pinja’s automation, electrification and instrumentation design is produced using a team-based operating procedure. This enables us to provide our customers with better quality, more flexible and cost-efficient services compared to the traditional key-person-dependent project management and consult sales. Relying on a team-based operating procedure, you will be best placed to carry out, maintain and advance your investment. Our services are supported by widely applicable system- and equipment-independent solutions.

Predesign, configuration and project management

We are professionals in technical configuration and actively call into question our customers’ needs to ensure that the goals and boundary conditions of the investment are correctly defined right from the start. We provide:

  • Predesign and configuration for automation systems, electrification and instrumentation
  • Commissioning of automation systems, electrification and instrumentation
  • Consulting services
  • Modernization projects
  • Equipment supply services

Automation design

Our experienced automation production team provides automation services and systems independent of the technology. We provide: 

  • Automation design for PLC and DCS systems

Electrification and instrumentation design

Our experienced production team for electrification and instrumentation design serve our customers globally in different industrial sectors. We also provide electric drive solutions ranging from small servo drives to megawatt-size drives. We provide: 

  • Electrical design for low and high voltage systems
  • Individual adjustable drive solutions for all voltage areas
  • AC and DC sectional drive solutions
  • Power production control systems

Support and maintenance services

Thanks to our team-based operating model, we can provide high-quality support services with fast response times. We provide:

  • Safety specifications and safety calculations
  • Upgrade projects
  • Maintenance services
  • Support services 24/7
700+ customers in the areas of electrification, automation and instrumentation
100+ systems delivered outside Finland
2000+ projects delivered
30+ years’ experience
global deliveries
support and administration

We provide automation, electrification and instrumentation design services using equipment and software of industry-leading system suppliers.

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DCS systems

Siemens PCS7, Valmetin Damatic XD/XDi, metsoDNA, Valmet DNA, Honeywell Experion and ABB 800xA.

HMI technologies

Wonderware InTouch, Siemens WinCC, Indusoft Web Studio and Schneider Electric Vijeo Designer.

PLC logics

Siemens S5, S7 and TIA systems, Beckhoff TC3 and TC2, Allen-Bradley PLC-2, PLC-5, SLC 500 and ControlLogix, ABB AC450 and Compact HMI 800, CODESYS, Omron CX-One and Sysmac Studio, and Schneider Electric Modicon.

Other design software

CADS, Bricsys, Alma, National Instruments, Honeywellin Alcont I, TP Alcont and Experion PKS, HIMA and PC automation.

Customer experiences


Pinja supplied to ABB a control system modernization for the coil winders of ABB’s Motors and Generators Unit in Helsinki and Vyborg.

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Kalmar uses Pinja’s automation development team in product development, system deliveries and international commissioning projects.

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Valtra uses the automation system supplied by Pinja to control the manufacture and assembly of their tractors and to perform testing.

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National Instruments

Pinja use our measurement and automation systems and create customised packages of these for their customers.

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Wärtsilä uses the trial test process and loading automation system and the data collection system all delivered by Pinja.

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To Actiw, Pinja has supplied automation consulting, design services, testing and commissioning of systems in their project destination countries.

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