Qualification and orientation training at work

Competence management and monitoring is important at work and particularly for occupational safety to avoid accidents at work.

Various fields of industry and different workplaces have their own orientation training and qualification requirements that each employee must meet.

Why training management is important?

Management of qualifications and orientation training is difficult in the traditional way:


It is necessary to reserve classrooms, contact course participants and fix dates and times

There may be several mandatory qualifications and trainings to keep updated

Training completed by each person must be monitored, and printed certifications must be archived

Why is training management important?

Where required by the regulatory authorities, the company is obliged to give evidence of its employees’ orientation training, completion of courses and validity of licenses and qualifications.

In the case of an accident at work where employee orientation training has not been adequate, considerable sanctions may be imposed against the company.

In the worst case, production will also stop, which remarkably increases the costs even further.

In addition, in case of an accident, the supervisor may also be held personally responsible for the situation if training has been inadequate or the qualification has expired.

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What are the areas of industry where it is particularly important to monitor occupational safety?

Energy industry

Circular economy

Logistics in the forest industry

Process and chemical industry

Safety sector

Marine industry

Organize and manage orientation training and qualifications with the TyPe application

With the TyPe by Pinja service, you can easily manage and monitor in real time all data related to orientation training, education, qualifications and competence required from your employees, contractors and suppliers. TyPe is perfectly suitable for the occupational safety sector but it can also be used in other competence management needs of the company.

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Integrations with other systems

TyPe easily integrates with other systems and has built-in integrations with the Takamäki Site Manager and the Sympan HR system.

The application works on mobile devices

TyPe can be used with a mobile phone, tablet, laptop and table computer. Completing the training is easy – even comfortably at home.

Save time and money

Competence management is handled in a single system and it is no longer necessary to search data from many places. Updated information is always available.

Experiences in digital monitoring of occupational safety

Vantaan Energia

Vantaan Energia is one of the biggest city energy companies in Finland. Our crown jewel is a waste power plant completed in 2014, which turns useless waste back into use.

+ 250 employees
+ 258 M€ turnover (2018)


Between 100 and 150 loads are brought every day to the waste energy areas of Vantaan Energia by several different contractors. Competence monitoring of employees moving in the area was challenging. Access to the area was to be prevented from persons without appropriate qualifications/orientation training.


  • TyPe offered a modern way to create and modify training materials.
  • Training could be completed via a mobile channel and training materials could also be easily distributed to the participants via email links and/or SMS messages.
  • Selected trainings were shared with the main users of contractors, which reduced administrative work.