Optimize production planning with facts – get more power and transparency to production change management and improve lead times by 20%

An optimal production plan is based on factual information on the status, capacity and materials of the supply chain

The goal of production planning is to open up the production flow avoiding bottlenecks and unnecessary stoppages. To be successful, production planning needs reliable real-time information on demand and material and capacity needs related to the customer order. The production flow and profitability improve when work related to the customer order has been planned based on the correct initial data.

Why production planning is important?

Defective production planning is characterized by:


Slow response to changes taking place in production

Production staff lack a clear view of the priority of tasks

Master data in the ERP is not up-to-date

Production planning improves the management of production disturbances and changes and increases transparency

The daily work of production planners and employees responsible for production includes solving problems related to sometimes rapidly changing production conditions. Production stoppages, material deficiencies, challenges related to demand forecasting or, for instance, human resources are factors that cause changes to planned production. In fact, the success of production planning is measured at the time of change; how fast production can be adapted to changed conditions to maintain supply security and keep up with the other targets of production.

A modern production planning system enables the utilization of different scenarios. Scenarios are based on facts and help the planner see the results through different selections. Traditional Excel worksheets cannot do this; the future vision is limited to the following day at most.

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Over 20 years of experience and expertise in optimization of production planning and supply chains for different industries

Wood processing and timber industry

Food industry

Machine shop and assembly industry

Process industry

Metal industry

Our solution: iPES – Production planning and supply chain management system

iPES by Pinja is a system for the optimization of production planning and supply chains. iPES is a modern and intelligent browser-based solution that can also be used as a cloud service. The system uses advanced optimization and simulation technologies also enabling what-if simulation based on scenarios.

A modular product architecture enables easy system expansions, updates and maintenance. Constant product development guarantees a long lifetime and reliable performance in the form of new versions and functionalities.

iPES' features

Benefits of the iPES system:

Improves accuracy of planning

Reduces the amount of manual work

Automatically optimizes the best plan

Visualizes information in an easily understandable format

Improves the production process

Improves the flow of information, supply security and profitability throughout the entire supply chain

Offers a real-time view of production conditions to production employees and production control

Saves environment via paperless production

iPES APS – Features:

  • Coarse scheduling / S&OP
    Long-term volume scheduling, production capacity planning, critical material requirement planning, scenario planning and what if simulations.
  • Fine-tuning of scheduling
    Gantt chart view for production, workload color-coding, multiple scheduling possibilities, change time optimization, material deficiencies, management of service and equipment breakdowns, requirement calculation of management material, extensive resource management, extended dynamic resource register (tools, molds, jigs), versatile metrics & KPI’s for analyzing the plan, reporting and Power BI report support.
  • Resource planning
    Dimensioning of resource needs and optimal utilization of resources require seamless cooperation between different information systems. The PES system provides a real-time calendar of available resources, which is automatically linked to planning views.Unlike many ERP solutions, PES allocates the production capacity taking into account the resources available. Advanced resource management helps the planning of human resources needs and arrangement of working hours as well as machine maintenance scheduling without disturbing production. The solution improves the production rate, working capital turnover and supply security providing a real picture of production performance.
  • Resource planning functionalities:
    Machines and equipment, employees, calendars, maintenance, work time registration, work shift planning ja competence.

iPES Shopfloor – Features:

In addition to the production planning solution, the iPES system solution includes the functionality of manufacturing planning and control.

  • Monitoring the planning and implementation of the production plan
  • At work queue workplaces
  • Acknowledgement of various work steps
  • Online visualization of work instructions, images etc. at workplaces
  • Registration of hours worked
  • Monitoring of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Quality reporting
  • Management of PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) deviations
  • Warehouse functionalities
  • Graphic warehouse maps
  • Management of internal logistics
  • Order picking
  • Material acknowledgement
  • Traceability
  • Partner network management
    Suppliers have a real-time view of the work queue, acknowledgement of work start and end, deviation reporting, a real-time and visual view of the current situation and work and material data and deficiencies.
years of use
million orders processed annually

Our customers’ experiences in the iPES system:


IPES was chosen for the fine-tuning of the production. ”Improved design has helped optimize inventory levels and shelf life, which translates into clear cost savings. Frost storage has reduced over 20 % and the loss caused by best-before-dates has reduced 25 %.”

– John Aspnäs, Chief Information Officer


”Deploying and connecting to our SAP ERP system did require some work, but the end result has really fulfilled its promise to make our everyday life easier. iPES’ visuality helps us see the load status at a glance and react quickly when needed.”

– Sami Ahola, Development Manager


”iPES has greatly improved transparency across the organization. There have been benefits in terms of capacity and resources. They have become significantly more efficient. In addition, security of supply has been improved and lead times have been shortened. ”

– Eero Plathin, Production Control Manager

How do I get started?

The starting point of our iPES delivery is always a profound understanding of the facts and sore points of the customer’s business. Our experts in production process development and supply chain optimization know how to adapt the system to the customer’s specific needs. We measure our success by the rate of improvement of your supply chain and production planning process and increase in revenue and profitability. Our PES delivery is based on a conceptualized model of project implementation and we provide you with full commissioning support.

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We offer you:

  • A free analysis of your present state and current processes
  • A preliminary survey including an analysis of the present state, target state, potential benefit and the solution model  for implementing the change 
  • Validation and migration of initial data
  • Fast system introduction and user training
  • System and customer support from Day 1
  • Expert partnership, business sector expertise and continuous development of the customer relationship
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