Know the value of your work – develop and manage your business profitably

The development of the forest industry and sawmills has so far been based on a skilled workforce and knowledge passed down from one generation to the next. The value of one’s own work has always been understood, but it has been almost impossible to calculate in the absence of the right tools.  That is why we developed an ERP system with experienced forest and sawmill industry professionals, where industry best practices can be found built-in. 

We invest in managing the entire production chain and product-specific profitability, tools that guide decision-making, and ease of data collection and processing. Independence from equipment or system suppliers makes us a reliable partner, so you always get the support you need to improve your operations.

Get involved in industry changes faster and easier

We promote ease of work, traceability of raw materials and responsibly managed business. We help avoid short-sighted decisions with our forest industry ERP solutions. Our system helps you find the margins lost in the process, which guarantee the profitability of operations further into the future.


We offer more versatile and efficient ways to use wood. Whether it be forestry work or sawing and further processing of wood. As a result of the development work carried out together with our customers, we have incorporated the best practices of the forest industry to our solutions.

New processes and industry best practices built into the software
Optimization of the entire production and supply chain
Decision-making based on real-time information
100 completed projects for both the forest and sawmill industries


Due to the challenging calculations in the industry, we developed an accuracy-based calculation tool. Value calculation uses actual efficiency and cost data, so decision-making is based on facts and not guesses or averages.

One modular and scalable service package
Tools for complex margin and value calculations
Automated data collection and reporting
Integration with different systems and devices


A modular system developed for the forest and sawmill industry adapts to the needs of both the industry and its users. The modular basic system enables rapid deployment and gradual development as well.

Software as a monthly service
Deployment of the basic system in 3 days
Basic system delivery time 3 weeks. Delivery of a customized and integrated system 3 months
E.g. English, Finnish, Swedish, Estonian, Latvian, French and Russian

A forest industry ERP system solution for wood procurement, harvesting and transport logistics, as well as sawmills and wood processing

We help improve the profitability of the forest industry production chain from the stump to the processed end product. Our ERP solutions created for the forest and sawmill industry collect and process real-time information from the entire wood supply chain. We offer ready-made system solutions for the wood procurement, harvesting and transport logistics, material receipt, as well as the sawmill and wood processing business areas. The data is preserved throughout the chain of operations, so that, for example, the timber used for a particular sawn lot, its origin and its cost can be fully traced.

Forest by Pinja – ERP system for wood procurement, harvesting and logistics

Forest by Pinja enables fully electronic timber trade, real-time harvesting and transport logistics, and real-time monitoring of costs, volumes and yields of the delivered timber. 

Developed to manage wood procurement, harvesting and logistics, the modular ERP system offers many functions that facilitate everyday routines and includes both maps and tracking of origin of the wood. Documents related to wood procurement are easily generated and mandatory official documents, such as the forest use declaration, can be handled electronically, directly from the system. The required documents can be printed directly from the system in, for example, Finnish, Swedish or English.

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Terminal by Pinja – raw material procurement, receipt, storage and payment transactions

With Terminal by Pinja, you can streamline operations from contract management, receiving/sending all materials, maintaining inventory information and performing billing. 

The system can be used to manage e.g. contracts with versatile pricing, advance information on incoming loads, arrange trucks in the desired unloading order, automatically identify trucks and control raw material measurement (log gauge, weighing, volume measurement) and unloading events. The system can be used to monitor the storage of raw materials (pcs/m3) and to manage automatic raw material depreciations based on consumption. This all occurs in real time, quickly and cost-effectively. Actual deliveries from e.g. power plants are transferred electronically within the system.

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Timber by Pinja – ERP system for sawmills and wood processing plants

With the help of the software modules included in Timber by Pinja, the entire ERP of the sawmill and wood processing plant is effortless, precise and modern. 

In addition to managing the profitability of log sawing, it can be used to manage production control, planning and work orders. The system understands the operating processes of sawing, planing, gluing, as well as various surface treatments and impregnation, and provides the right kinds of tools for them. The system is able to take into account the differences related to the production time of different types of products, in which case the shifts of the production lines can be optimized, and the utilization rate can be increased.

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3 weeks for the delivery time of the basic system

10 language versions

3 days for the deployment of the basic system

One modular and scalable service package

100 delivered projects

3 months delivery time for a customized and integrated system

Successful deployment on schedule and on budget with clear steps

Assessment of processes and needs

We help outline the processes of the current situation and provide guidance in ERP and unit optimization. We ensure the preconditions for successful deployment by identifying the company’s current challenges, growth goals and needs for solutions that facilitate work.

Service package configuration

Modularity also enables further development of company-specific features. Deploying the software does not require large investments. The software integrates with existing systems and devices, as well as e.g. accounting software.

Fast and gradual deployment

Ready-made system solutions and interfaces enable fast deployment and scaling. With us by your side, you do not have to be afraid of change. We guide and help with the deployment of the system. We take care of deployment schedules and teach you how to take full advantage of the system. We always train users in person.

Continuous development and partnership

The system’s monthly license covers everything from updates to helpdesk. With continuous system development, the features of our products diversify, and their operations meet the changing requirements of the industry. We develop the system together with the best professionals in the field and experts familiar with the forest industry.