A common communication solution increases efficiency at work in a growing organisation

TietoAkseli Group is an expert organisation specialising in financial administration, auditing and business reorganisations. Along with business restructuring, the software portfolio of TietoAkseli had accumulated several email and communication solutions, which they wanted to rapidly replace with one global cloud service. The aim was to increase the efficiency of operations and streamline internal communication in the entire organisation.

A corporate-wide renewal of the communication solution was a natural continuum to several years of cooperation between TietoAkseli and Pinja. Now, TietoAkseli uses a modern cloud service solution Microsoft Office 365 adapted to their specific business needs.

Due to several existing information systems, charting out the current state and analysing information needs took quite a lot of time. Aspects related to data security and data protection were particularly important to TietoAkseli and attention was paid to these from the very early design stage. At the same time, mobile terminals of employees were updated along with an introduction of an MDM management solution for terminal devices.

– Our work is increasingly independent of place and time. Several virtual meetings are arranged every day and a remarkable part of our communication already takes place via instant messaging devices. We wanted to unify our information systems and operating procedures throughout the entire group in order to increase efficiency and ensure smooth operations, explains TietoAkseli’s Chief Technology Officer Tero Anttila.

Evolving and easily integratable Microsoft Office 365

Pinja and TietoAkseli have together followed up the development of cloud services already for several years, which means that the solution was not selected impulsively. When the maturity level of services was found to be sufficient, they started to evaluate the most important service providers. Microsoft Office 365 was selected as the platform best meeting the needs of TietoAkseli.

– There were also other good solutions available. Our selection was influenced by the development of Office 365 towards the direction that responded to our needs, as well as its good integratability with our other information systems. In March 2018, we introduced a new email system, instant messaging and teamwork solutions, MDM management for mobile devices, as well as comprehensive data security solutions, Mr. Anttila says.

TietoAkseli is still in the transfer stage in the project. New features and tools for improving efficiency at work are being introduced on a continuous basis.

– We are satisfied with the selection of Office 365, and a communication solution common to the entire group facilitates our practical daily routines. The project was challenging, but it was clear to us from the start that introduction of an information system which is as comprehensive and essential as this must be done carefully and according to best practices. Pinja offered the competence required and had deep understanding of our business needs. We were also assisted during the entire project by a project manager fully mastering the technology solution. Pinja continues to provide support to the main users of TietoAkseli in the technical maintenance of the system, Mr. Anttila explains.

Pinja offered the competence required and had deep understanding of our business needs. We were also assisted during the entire project by a project manager fully mastering the technology solution.

Tero Anttila, Chief Technology Officer
UHY TietoAkseli

UHY TietoAkseli is an accounting company specialising in financial administration expert services. TietoAkseli Group also includes Vinanssi Corporate Finance specialising in business reorganisations and UHY ValueMiners providing expert auditing services.

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