Complete information management reduces manual data processing

Spinnova’s patented technology produces a new type of fiber for the textile industry. The various stages of product development generate a great amount of data that needs seamless management to save time for the other product development tasks. Pinja tailored a complete information management solution for Spinnova.

The fiber developed by Spinnova is made of FSC certified wood and waste streams. Saving natural resources is important for Spinnova and while developing a completely new product, they need flexible tools for data collection, reporting and review.

– We have cooperated with Pinja in an information management project related to our specific needs”, says Sanna Haavisto, Product Development Specialist at Spinnova.

Versatile cooperation is the key

– During the various stages of product development, a great amount of different types of data is produced. We had a clear need to merge information available in different places. It is important that the data is quickly accessible and usable for rapid conclusions”, Ms. Haavisto says

The cooperation has remarkably reduced manual data processing at Spinnova. It has been possible to automate data collection and storage so that the company can now spend more time on drawing conclusions and understanding things. The solution provided by Pinja also covers secure data storage.

– The most important thing in our cooperation is its versatility. From the large range of options, we were able to build an entity that fits our needs precisely and that we can develop further by ourselves receiving, however, expert assistance whenever required”, Ms. Haavisto explains.

It is important that the data is quickly accessible and usable for rapid conclusions.

Dialog is working well

At Spinnova, Pinja is considered a versatile cooperation partner. Whatever the question, Pinja’s specialists have always been able to answer it.

– Our interaction has been seamless and the dialog has worked extremely well”, Ms. Haavisto says.

Sanna Haavisto

Product Development Specialist, Spinnova Oy

What the delivery included?


Merging information from several systems


Data visualization


Secure data storage

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