”The best production project of all time in the Finnish National Board of Education”

In the “Good Practices” service of the Finnish National Board of Education, professionals of the education field, such as teachers, instructors and headmasters, can share information about educational methods and procedures and exchange experiences and good practices. The service, inspired by social media and the principle of open information, was introduced in December 2012.

The Finnish National Board of Education selected Pinja through a public procurement procedure from eleven tenderers. The project was carried out using agile methods.

”Special thanks go to Pinja’s input in the system development during the construction stage. They did not only meet the pre-set requirements but also innovatively developed the system further during the construction stage”, describes specialist Juho Helminen from the Finnish National Board of Education.

”The system was designed in a very user-oriented way and a usability designer was in a major role in all of the stages of the project. On the whole, the project proves the strength of agile methods in its ability to respond to changes taking place during a project and in end product development”, says Olli Porkholm.

Wide experience in agile methods

Pinja has wide experience in the utilisation of agile software development methods. They have implemented several demanding health technology systems using agile methods and organised training in this area for specialists and decision-makers.

We are extremely satisfied with the progress of the project ahead of the schedule, as well as excellent collaboration during the project. In my view, this was the best production project of all time in the Finnish National Board of Education.

Juho Helminen, Specialist,
Finnish National Board of Education

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