Dependable IT service enables expert work anytime and anywhere

Envitecpolis is a specialist in material and energy efficiency and renewable energy services. The company operates in six locations employing 15 people.

”At the start of our operations ten years ago, we made a decision in principle that our experts can do remote work in their own home towns. It is true anyway that our customers are also spread all over Finland. Digital tools and online meetings have been part of our business culture from the very outset.

As our business has grown, requirements related to digital services have also increased. Lacking a suitable IT partner, we had to spend an unreasonable amount of time dealing with technical issues. As managing director, I was burdened by the constant concern about proper functioning of online connections and equipment.”

Pinja helped us streamline our expert work processes

“Our technical problems were immediately solved six months ago when we outsourced our IT service to Pinja. We received a partner who understands what we are doing, listens to our needs and solves all problems with firm determination. We have availability to Microsoft Office 365, a cloud service, a data security solution, as well as a maintenance and support service that solves problems either on site or remotely.

Changing work places present a particular challenge for mobile remote work exposing us to data security risks. Pinja’s service provides regular software updates and ensures that the data security of our devices and systems is up to date at all times. Pinja’s IT solutions, such as a cloud platform and electronic signature, have reduced unnecessary paper work and helped us streamline our expert work processes.”

Benefits come from the confidence in the fact that all works fine

“The greatest benefits of cooperation with Pinja come from the fact that, as managing director, I can truly count on the smooth functioning of the IT service, efficiently meeting the needs of our experts. We can be sure that files shared in the cloud are accessible anytime and anywhere. We can focus our sharp minds on the essential avoiding to lose our energy in unnecessary fuss and bother with the system. The cooperation has improved our operations and notably increased productivity.”

With Pinja, we received a partner who understands what we are doing, listens to our needs and solves all problems with firm determination.

Mika Arffman, Managing Director
Envitecpolis Ltd.

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