Automation system modernisation made the old production machine operate reliably and with millimetre accuracy

Pinja completed a control system modernisation for the coil winders of ABB’s Motors and Generators Unit in Helsinki and Vyborg. ABB received reliably operating renewed machines enabling copper coil winding for years ahead. Improved reliability has increased the utilisation rate and production efficiency.

”ABB manufactures custom-made motors and generators for industrial needs, such as power plants and large cargo vessels. In our Helsinki factory, we had encountered problems with the coil winding machine for a long time. Pinja took up the challenge of modernising the machine and disassembled the old automation system replacing it with an intelligent control system.

The modernisation remarkably increased the utilisation rate of the winding machine by ensuring operational reliability. With a more intuitive control system, the machine is easier to maintain: in case of alarm, the system indicates the problem. This increases the efficiency of operations and ultimately also saves money.

We received a machine as good as new where the automation system now works reliably and with millimetre accuracy. With the renewed machine, we will perform coil winding for years ahead.

Seamless team work can solve impossible problems

Pinja designed the framework for the automation system relatively independently. The complexity of the coil winding machine presented its own challenges; the equipment consists of 15 shafts of which 14 are synchronously moving. In particular during the introduction phase lasting about a month, it was great to see how Pinja’s specialists and our own people worked seamlessly to solve difficult problems.

The calculation skills of all of us were put to the test and at times the shaft movement ranges were drafted even on the factory floor. Each day had its own issues and challenges, but fortunately we had a great team who understood the psychology of the machine.

A production machine as good as new within a month’s shutdown

Pinja carried out the production machine automation project, classifiable as an R&D project, very successfully. Now we have a coil winding machine as good as new.

We have also been very satisfied with the cooperation after the project. The pilot completed in Finland was followed by the modernisation of a similar machine in ABB’s factory in Vyborg, Russia. The projects have created a solid basis for the future cooperation.”

Each day had its own issues and challenges, but fortunately we had a great team who understood the psychology of the machine.

Jarno Välimäki
Production Development Engineer, ABB Oy, Motors and Generators Unit

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