The growth of digital commerce needs smoother processes and more profitable digital sales

The routines of your store define an excellence customer experience

Today, based on the purchasing decisions of customers, the ease of purchase is becoming more and more important to them. The whole buying process, from comparing products to returning a wrong product, should be smooth and effortless. Thus, the customer experience has also become the core of ecommerce profitability. 

As digital commerce grows, we will find ourselves in a situation where a ecommerce platform alone is no longer enough to maintain an efficient delivery process. Therefore, there is a need to improve the operational management of the store. An understanding of the complexity of trade processes is needed to make internal processes work. The solution to this is an ERP system designed for the retail industry.

Solve challenges and ensure the growth of digital commerce – 4 steps

In addition to people, a profitable digital commerce business requires well-functioning processes and systems. We help drive change and bring growth-enhancing system solutions for your support.

We always define the means and goals of growth together.

We ensure the prerequisites for a successful ERP project by defining and identifying the current challenges and goals of growth related to digital commerce. We help define and prioritize the goals by leveraging our long experience in trade processes and systems.

We create the best system through integrations.

Agile interfaces are among the most important parts of the ERP system for the retail industry. They enable us to create a system that supports your system with the best tools of the industry. In addition to technical implementation and integrations, we ensure that there is room for the development of company-specific features.

A successful deployment leads to good results quickly.

As a partner, we lead the implementation of the ERP system. Cost-effective implementation is the result of successful planning and the involvement of people, which also takes into account the transition to in-service support. You can count on the timelines and the budget.

We offer a growth partnership that supports the profitability of digital commerce.

The growth of digital commerce is the result of constant management of change and the overall process. Further development, optimisation of use and rapid introduction of new integrations are a good basis for cooperation and profitability growth. You will never be left on your own.

Blog: A prerequisite for the profitable growth of digital commerce is a change in operating methods

Digital Commerce ERP by Pinja – an ERP system for the digital commerce business that supports growth and delivery security!

Digital Commerce ERP by Pinja has been developed together with retail experts and growth companies to respond specifically to the growth and changes in the digital commerce business.

Digital Commerce ERP by Pinja is a solution to facilitate the perception of the whole when it comes to the joint management of logistics, a brick and mortar and an online store. We help facilitate and automate sales orders and other manual work in order to improve efficiency.

Digital Commerce by Pinja is a way to provide employees with more functional tools and thus facilitate everyday activities and create opportunities for growth as part of everyday trade.

Scalable and developed for the digital commerce business and

  • Modularly expandable
  • Peak hours and load
  • Monitoring
  • Easy to maintain 
  • Automatically monitored: email, SMS notifications

A reliable cloud-based solution

  • Configurations managed through the user interface
  • Browser-based, responsive interface
  • Terminal and browser independent


  • eCommerce solutions (Magento, Woocommerce)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Product Information Management (PIM)

International trade support

  • Language versions and translations can be maintained without coding
  • Localisation / globalisation
  • Different currencies and exchange rates
  • Time zones 
  • Country-specific tax management

Easy to use

  • Modern interface
  • Mobile functions
  • Access control
  • Easy printing

Smoother internal processes

  • Automatic eCommerce order processing
  • More powerful delivery tools
  • Automated billing processes

Interfaces with other systems

  • Financial management
  • Retrieval of reference materials
  • Customer data management
  • Order confirmations
  • Billing tools
  • Easily customisable email templates

Enabling omnichannel sales

  • Sale and use of gift cards
  • Customer identification and special offers to specific audiences
  • POS terminals and different methods of payment
  • Versatile and comprehensive reporting
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Retail change management and growth workshop

In the 4-hour retail change management and growth workshop, we bring together decision-makers responsible for retail management, operations and efficiency to the same table. During the workshop, we create a common plan to streamline and manage digital commerce processes.

  • Mapping the client’s current situation, challenges and wishes for the future through interviews and observations
  • Identification of pain points, growth barriers and well-functioning processes, as well as customer-specific processes
  • Identification of change agents and disablers
  • A plan to streamline operations and reduce manual work
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Customer success stories


Pinja has implemented Rajala’s online stores, and enabled them with smoother order processing and inventory management, as well as customer management and reporting.

In the digital commerce project, we implemented several integrations with various back-end systems, including a marketing automation system, an external warehouse and a photo service.

The online store has been created in close cooperation with Bluebird Finland Oy AB, which is our trusted partner in digital marketing.

Urjalan makeistukku

The fast-growing company needed efficiency in processing orders and organising its operations. In addition, the old digital commerce system no longer covered the development needs.

In cooperation with us, the Magento 2 ecommerce system combined with Pinja’s ERP system for the retail industry was selected as a solution. Packages are now delivered even faster and more efficiently, which has been the most important starting point for the development of our system.


The long-lasting cooperation between Pinja and Punanaamio once again reached a significant milestone – a reform of the online store. Magento 2 was a logical choice as a new digital commerce platform because it perfectly met the demands of the multi-channel business. In addition, multilingualism, extensibility and the future development prospects of Punanaamio supported the choice of the Magento 2 platform. Additionally Punanaamio is using Digital Commerce ERP by Pinja and POS.