Knowledge management means making decisions based on a common overview

By knowledge management, we mean decision making based on correct information. Reporting and data visualization help us understand better the present state of a plant or production and make better decisions for the future. In addition to high-quality data, good decision making is based on sharing data with those involved in decision making.

Excellent knowledge management improves competitiveness, raises the level of employee self-direction and brings cost savings.

Why is further processing of data increasingly important?

Challenges of knowledge management that can prevent benefits realization:


Data is fragmented and not updated

Targets are not known

Meters are not consistent and fail to meet the needs

Why is further processing of data increasingly important?

Gartner has forecasted that by 2020

80 %

of business reporting will be carried out using Microsoft BI tools

Modern self-service BI tools can help combine, analyze and visualize large amounts of data cost-effectively, in a format that facilitates decision making. BI tools enable integration of human intelligence into the data, which leads to service development and innovation of completely new services.

According to Forrester, almost


of business data remain unanalyzed

In the industry, along with a further growth in the usage of IioT (industrial Internet), data collection has been intensified and the amount of data has increased. However, many industrial companies cannot utilize this huge amount of data. Enhanced reporting can produce remarkable benefits and improve both the efficiency and competitiveness of industrial companies.

Knowledge management belongs to all industrial business sectors

Manufacturing industry

Energy production

Circular economy and civil infrastructure technology

Paper and pulp industry

Process industry

Solution packages for data collection, analytics, reporting, and data warehousing

Our services encompass all of the areas of reporting related to knowledge management and Business Intelligence. Data from different sources can be combined to understand what happens in production and why. Since the amount of data is so great and data is scattered across different systems, a data warehouse is normally required for its capture and utilization.

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IoT analytics

IoT sensors, machines and equipment continuously produce a huge amount of complex data on operating environments. Our solution covers the entire lifecycle of IoT analytics: 

  • Collection and combination of data from IoT equipment
  • Data modeling and storage
  • Further processing of data with a BI reporting solution to support decision making and enable data sharing 
  • Maintenance and development of IoT analytics

Reporting and BI

We help industrial companies find their own direction in business intelligence:

  • We identify key meters and reports that quickly yield results once prioritized
  • We build a BI solution to meet the customer needs that is scalable to also adapt to future targets
  • The core of our solution is competence transfer to the customer. We want the customer to get new ideas, insights and answers to the most challenging questions every day from their own data by using these tools

Data warehouses

We design and implement data warehouse solutions based on the Microsoft Business Intelligence technology:

  • Collection, cleaning, further processing and modeling of data from different sources in a data warehouse
  • Data warehouses with automated data warehousing for the Microsoft SQL Server or TimeXtender Discovery Hub environments, for example
  • Automation of laborious and manual ETL processes
  • Less errors, automated documentation, easy data warehouse management and data visualization with BI 

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There is still room for improvement in the reporting of industrial companies

”Huge amounts of data stored deep in several systems do not serve the company. Data means nothing if it cannot be analysed and utilized.”

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”A great amount of different types of data is produced. We had a clear need to merge information available in different places. It is important that the data is quickly accessible and usable for rapid conclusions.”

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Success story

Niiralan Kulma

”Collected data will be analysed and processed further to an appropriate format as timely reports. Knowhow is transferred to our employees in workshops to enable them to use the Power BI reporting tool independently.”

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