Contact register

  1. Data controller: Pinja Group Oy hereafter Pinja, Schaumanin puistotie 10, 40100 Jyväskylä. The register is a common register shared by all of the companies and subsidiaries of Pinja Group Oy.
  2. Contact person for register matters: Pekka Nurminen,
  3. Name of the register: Pinja contact register
  4. Purpose of and legal grounds for data processing: Personal data is processed in order to conduct the business of the company and its subsidiaries. Personal data is processed in order to comply with the company’s legal and contractual obligations or based on a person’s consent. Personal data stored in the register is used, among other things, to comply with delivery obligations, for the management of customer relations and contacts, and for marketing purposes.
  5. Information content of the register: The register contains information on Pinja’s customer contacts, supplier contacts and other business partners. The register includes personal data, such as name, telephone number, email address, street address and other free text information indicated or shared by the customer during the use of Pinja’s services. The register may in some situations of such use also contain information about a person’s browsing activity and materials downloaded from websites, for example. The register does not include special category data referred to in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The storage period of individual data items in the register is determined according to the purpose and legal grounds of the processing and the rights exercised by the data subject considering available technology and reasonable costs. Some of the in-bound and out-bound calls are recorded. The customer service representative will notify you about the recording at the beginning of the call or by e-mail when agreeing in advance by e-mail the time of the call. The recordings help to verify the service made over the phone and to improve the quality of the service.
  6. Regular sources of information of the register: The data in the register is from public registers and public sources or data generated during meetings between customers and Pinja’s employees or representatives. In some situations, the register may also contain information other than that disclosed by a person himself or herself, for example, information disclosed by the employer of the data subject. Regular sources of information of the register include notes taken by Pinja’s employees during their work tasks and stored copies of written materials obtained.
  7. Regular disclosure of information. Information in the register may be disclosed as required by the business activities carried out by parties performing Pinja’s business processes or parts of them.
  8. Data transfer outside ETA or EU. Pinja’s contact register data is stored in an information system administered by Pinja, the data of which is located in the territory of EU. Contact register data is also stored in the services of Google and Hubspot in accordance with the storage method defined in the service descriptions of these companies.
  9. Data protection principles. Contact register data is protected in accordance with the general principles described in the General Data Protection Regulation. Access to information contained in the data register is restricted taking into account the purpose and nature of the processing, available technologies and reasonable costs.
  10. Data subject rights. The data subject can make a request for checking or correcting their own data, for restricting the processing of data and for using other rights under the General Data Protection Regulation by addressing the request to the contact person in charge of the register or to Pinja’s customer service. Upon addressing the request, the requestor must be prepared to verify their identity. The data subject has the right to appeal to the supervisory authority. The contact data of the supervisory authority is available at
  11. Use of data in automated profiling: Data contained in the register is not subjected to such automated profiling that could affect the rights and freedoms of the data subject.


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