Challenge: The goal is to improve cooperation between Versowood's production staff and the machine maintenance service team

Finland’s largest privately owned wood processing group Versowood decided to update its machine maintenance processes. Now the data and maintenance procedures of all Versowood machines are updated in real-time in the Novi by Pinja maintenance system.

All the sawmills produce a total of 1.3 million cubic metres of sawn timber out of 3.3 million cubic metres of raw material each year, and in addition the Group produces various other wood and energy products. Versowood machines sort, peel, saw, dry and pack 220 truck loads worth of wood each day.

All machines have been entered into the maintenance system hierarchy file, which makes machine-specific data easy to find. All in all, the system is logical and easy to use.

Jyrki Nieminen, Maintenance Manager, Versowood

Project in brief

Solution: Discovering errors before interruptions

Production personnel can enter all maintenance and repair orders regarding Versowood machines into the maintenance system. The majority of these are made as web error reports. The tasks are passed on to the service team who marks them as received and, once they are finished, as completed. The production personnel can monitor the progress of the tasks in the system, and all entries are recorded for later use.

In Nieminen’s view it is particularly important that plans for advance machine maintenance work can already be entered into the system for the upcoming years. With the listings provided by the system, all maintenance work operations can be ordered well on time.

In addition to maintenance procedures, the system is used to keep record of, for example, instructions related to the machines, documents regarding maintenance work, machine condition assessments and bearing vibration measurement reports.

“The system has enabled us to detect emerging errors, which could have disrupted the operation of a saw line for one or two shifts. The machine-specific error history makes it possible to target machine investments in a well-founded manner,” says Nieminen.

Project in brief


The objective is to put the maintenance process in order at once.


In the future, all maintenance and repair orders for Versowood machines will be recorded in one system.


The progress of the work can be monitored from the system and the records are saved for later use.

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Monitoring is used to measure overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). This means that the components of availability, performance and quality are multiplied with each other. Knowing this gives motivation for searching the bottlenecks and critical points of production in exchange for a maximal yield.


“With Novi we have been able to develop the cooperation between production and maintenance. Maintenance requests and their status are now available for everyone.”

Valmet NA Roll Service

“The Novi by Pinja product has been a very successful project on many levels. The implementation cycle was less than one month, with the majority of the time spent locating, documenting and updating data in our legacy systems.”