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29.7.2019 Pinja Blog
Harri ja Jarmo

Jarmo Lähteenmäki (right) gives Pinja’s present to Harri.

Harri Inkiläinen started at Pinja in 2014 as head of the Hollola office; his current retirement was preceded by a fascinating five-year period that enriched his career in many ways. The new head of the Hollola office, Jarmo Lähteenmäki, feels that Pinja offers the novel challenges he needs in his working life.

Harri has had a long career working for large paper industry companies, where all of his duties were always clearly defined. At Pinja, Harri’s job description expanded considerably; as the office head, his tasks became truly versatile. In addition to the familiar project work, he was responsible for sales and human resources. The turn in his career was triggered by a phone call.

Timo Akselin contacted me when the previous head of the Hollola unit was about to retire. Even though I was already familiar with Pinja’s industrial automation expertise, I quickly discovered that Pinja means much more besides industrial automation. The career opportunities are truly versatile; your own desire to develop determines the direction”, Harry says.

He enjoyed the atmosphere at work and the way things are done at Pinja.

“I’ve had a wonderful time working with professionals with a supporting attitude and a fine sense of humor”.

Industrial safety is improved largely owing to automation

Of the projects, Harri especially remembers one aimed at the safety of ramps at UPM Kuusankoski; the installation works had to be completed during a one-week maintenance period. In Harri’s opinion, rapid development of industrial automation has rendered working in the field especially interesting.

Automation can make things so much better!

“It has been great to witness decades of development in industrial automation, and especially the outcomes. Automation can make things so much better! For example, industrial safety has improved significantly over the years.

In the past, people used to walk right next to equipment and machines were merely surrounded by a fence. Today, no one can approach a machine unless it has definitely been stopped. Owing to automation, technical problems can be resolved safely and people are mainly involved in operation supervision. Automation has also made people’s work easier and more versatile. Capacity has been freed up for new kinds of tasks.”

Harri knows the paper industry like the back of his hand

Over the years, the development of wood and paper industries became the cornerstone of Harri’s career. When he graduated in 1979 from the Vaasa Institute of Technology as an Engineer in power engineering, the employment situation was challenging. He failed to find a job at first and decided to supplement his studies by taking a microprocessor course in Pori.

“In retrospect, it was a wise choice that set my work career on the right path. My very first job at Olli Heikinheimo Engineering included planning of electrical systems and programming logic and deployments for the sawmill industry.”

Over the years, business trips have taken Harri to different parts of the world. Recently, international activity has mainly consisted of sales negotiations, which can most often be conducted remotely.

I have enjoyed the opportunity of operating on the international level and the certain freedom that came with the job.

“Earlier in my career, I travelled to almost every corner of the world and saw the conditions people live in. It broadened my world view and emphasized that we should not complain about the minor problems we have here in Finland. The negotiations associated with Pinja’s foreign projects in China, Brazil and different regions of Europe have been interesting and rewarding. I have enjoyed the opportunity of operating on the international level and the certain freedom that came with the job.”

Change of guard in close co-operation

Jarmo Lähteenmäki, who continues his long career in the paper and mining industries, started as the head of the Hollola office in March.

“I have known Jarmo for a long time; he is an energetic and skilful fellow. We worked side by side for three months in order to accomplish the transfer, and after that, I was happy to retire. I believe the job is in good hands now.”

Jarmo admits that he gladly jumped on board the speeding train.

I can engage in the familiar project work, but also do much more.

“My previous job had become a bit dull and I needed a change. This job offered exactly the challenges and versatility I was looking for. I can engage in the familiar project work, but also do much more. For example, with the support of the sales team, I have been getting to know the sales work little by little. At joint meetings, I am always learning more about Pinja’s extensive product range.”

Jarmo wishes Harri a happy retirement and describes him as colleague and superior who always appreciates others.

“A person that can’t get along with Harri will not get along with anyone. He also has a phenomenal memory that never ceases to amaze me!”

For Harri, the time has come to enjoy a life that is more peaceful and to take long walks with his dogs.

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