The shipping revolution requires renewal

In the marine industry, it is important to know how to select sustainable solutions. With increasing vessel lifecycles, special attention must be paid to the system maintenance. As the systems become obsolete faster than before, their maintenance also becomes more difficult. In addition, climate agreements oblige to control emissions of shipping.

Why to invest on renewal?

Problems that will arise if the latest and carefully selected technology is not used


Poor spare part availability and more difficult system maintenance. In addition, the overall energy efficiency of the vessel is low.

Increased likelihood of a system error that interrupts the operation of the vessel.

Achieving emission targets is challenging with obsolete technology.

Correctly selected system solutions reduce maintenance and operating costs

By selecting the right technology, it is possible to facilitate the maintenance and expansion of systems during the vessel’s lifecycle. When the systems communicate with each other, it is not necessary to renew the entire system. This will enable a better availability of spare parts, modernizations split in parts and less emissions via upgrades.

The international maritime organization IMO has estimated that greenhouse gas emissions in shipping must be halved by 2050.

The poor energy efficiency of old systems causes extraordinary costs. By utilizing the latest technology, such as hybrid solutions, it is possible to save in maintenance and operating costs.

Modernizations can help improve the level of automation of the vessel to match with the latest technology. A modernization split in parts enables the distribution of maintenance costs to a longer period of time and a longer lifecycle for the systems of the vessel.

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Renewal is important for the different vessel types:

Vessels navigating in ice-covered waters and icebreakers

Other special vessels

Passenger ferries and vessels

Cargo vessels

Reliable solutions for new constructions and modernizations for different vessel types at international level

We can design cost-efficient solutions for different vessel sizes taking into account their individual needs. We carry out total deliveries, integrations and consulting. As a brand-independent operator, Pinja can carry out projects using reliable components and technologies that are already familiar to the customer. Our solutions bring savings in operation and maintenance costs to the shipping company and operator and improve the availability of spare parts.

Modernization services

We carry out modernizations working together with the customer to find alternative and cost-efficient solutions for upgrading obsolete equipment independent of the original manufacturer. Various customized energy saving and hybrid solutions can be combined as part of modernizations.

Automation and electrification solutions

We deliver electric propulsion, power supply and automation systems for new constructions and modernizations. For example, we have carried out system modernizations for several challenging special vessels increasing their lifecycle by several years.

Digital applications

We provide digital solutions, such as ship management applications, to improve the productivity of maritime transport. Our systems help control the lifecycle of vessels and increase the efficiency of their operation allowing, for example, remote monitoring of operation. In addition, data acquired from the various subsystems can be remotely analyzed.

Development services and integrations

We help develop diesel propulsion and energy saving systems that reduce emissions. With our hybrid solutions, we can increase the maintenance interval of combustion engines and reduce the fuel consumption. With our various hybrid solutions, we can level out energy consumption peaks. In addition, we can analyze possibilities for energy recovery and waste-heat utilization in power production for different vessel types.

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Experiences with Pinja’s marine industry services

Rauma Marine Constructions

Rauma Marine Constructions is a shipbuilding company founded in 2014. We specialise in the construction and maintenance of multi-purpose icebreakers, car and passenger ferries, and vessels for use by the armed forces.

+120 shipbuilding experts
Turnover EUR 29.7 millions (2018)


Replacement of a diesel propulsion system with a hybrid drive in the Aranda research vessel owned by the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE. The technology of the vessel was obsolete and the spare part availability was poor. Environmental concerns and requirements on a better fuel economy were also putting pressure on the modernization. In addition, the research vessel needed to be able to operate as silently as possible in order not to disturb the research instruments.


  • Pinja’s delivery to Aranda included the main distribution board, liquid-cooled electric drives, propulsion engines and a propulsion battery accumulator
  • An electric propulsion system had a significant effect on reducing emissions and the noise level. A lower noise level is beneficial in seabed echo sounding, for example.
  • The vessel can operate relying on mere electrical power as long as for 45 minutes and the capacity of the battery accumulator can also be increased thereby increasing the silent operating time

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Viking Supply Ships

“Pinja was selected as our partner based on an external recommendation. Our cooperation related to icebreakers started already in 2013 and it still works excellently in the form of technical support, among other things.”

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