User is the weakest link in Microsoft 365 data security

03.12.2020 | Pinja Blog

Over the past year, many of us have shifted towards more time- and place-independent work. In many organizations, daily work leans more and more on cloud-based information work tools, such as Microsoft 365 services. With mobile remote work, more attention should be paid to data security than before, and employees should be carefully trained in the use of remote work tools from the point of view of data security as well. It is indeed the users that are the greatest data security risk in Microsoft 365 services.

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Envor Group enhances material flow management with the Flow by Pinja system

01.12.2020 | News

Envor Group jäteauto

“I believe that Flow will allow us to improve the efficiency of office work and free up and allocate resources to other tasks, such as supporting sales and financial administration.…

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Pinjattaret create team spirit at the workplace

30.11.2020 | Pinja Blog

Technology is strongly perceived as a predominantly male field of industry, and the majority of Pinja’s employees are also male. This year, Pinja’s female employees started to develop common activities and team spirit. As the result, a community for Pinja’s female employees – Pinjattaret – was created. Pinjattaret promote diversity, wellbeing at work and sense of community. The network offers support and encouragement in different life situations.

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Pinja Group sells its stake in Inray Oy

27.11.2020 | News


Pinja Group Oy has sold its holding in Inray Oy, which specializes in X-ray technology solutions, to the company's operational management.

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Targeting manufacturing lead time reduction?

25.11.2020 | Pinja Blog

Reducing manufacturing lead time improves business profitability, competitiveness and customer satisfaction. Lead time reduction also advances agility at work and enables quicker responses to changes in the operating environment.

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The APS system pays for itself - financially and humanly

23.11.2020 | Pinja Blog

When calculating the payback period of any acquisition, one basically needs to know two things. First, how much does the acquisition cost in money and through staff’s working hours. Secondly, how does the renewal bring financial benefits, either through sales growth or savings gained, and what are the volume and timeline of these benefits.

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