E.ON Sweden opted for Once by Pinja in its supply chain management

16.06.2021 | News

By replacing their current, largely manual system, E.ON Sweden will cut the time spent on fuel calculation down to half – and still get more detailed results.

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Pinja’s position as a partner in the sawmill industry is strengthening – Isojoen Saha chose Novi for maintenance

15.06.2021 | News

Isojoki relies on Pinja’s expertise as a partner in the sawmill industry, and the Novi by Pinja system was acquired for maintenance needs.

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Towards an environment of systems – how does an APS system complement an ERP system?

11.06.2021 | Pinja Blog

How many still remember when ERP systems came to Finnish companies in the 1990s? It was a revolutionary idea that all aspects of a business could be combined into one tool. ERP systems are to be thanked for the many steps that have made business more efficient and streamlined, and best of all, they also evolve over time. Modern ERP systems are a key part of a larger, multi-system environment, or a software ecosystem, along with, for example, maintenance and APS systems.

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Pinja promotes employee wellbeing in several ways – a new tool is the mental health service “The Worry in Mind” provided by Pihlajalinna

10.06.2021 | Pinja Blog

At Pinja, promotion of employee wellbeing is long-term work for which they have created an extensive toolkit. As part of the package, Pinja offers its employees a possibility to use the mental health service “The Worry in Mind” provided by Pihlajalinna, available since early May 2021. The service enables quick and high-quality low-threshold help to all employees related to, for example, wellbeing at work, anxiety, mood disorders and other conditions that may threaten their functional and working capacity. Employees are encouraged to use the counseling service for minor concerns as well.

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Multichannel eCommerce operators succeed with efficient processes and agile systems

02.06.2021 | Pinja Blog

The global competition in digital commerce is getting tougher and tougher, which makes it increasingly critical to know one’s own customers and find a competitive advantage. Traditionally, customers have appreciated high-quality product information, easy availability, fast deliveries and trouble-free purchasing. To create profitable growth, it is necessary to understand the complexity of trade processes, enhance resource planning and invest in purchase experience by means of rich product information and a reliable online store solution.

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Puhas Oy improves material flow management with the Flow by Pinja system

27.05.2021 | News

The digitalization project brings ease and clarity to the entire material flow process, from waste collection to final reporting.

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