Measurement systems

Our strongest areas of competence include vibration and condition monitoring measurements, process data measurement and analysis, as well as production testing and quality control systems. We create the applications in accordance with the customer’s requirements including, where needed, preliminary surveys and technical specifications and, finally, offer the project on a turnkey basis.

Information systems

Information systems are an inherent part of measurement systems. Using various methods, measurement data is stored in a database, which then provides versatile reports for customers’ varying needs. Storing fast data in a database requires that the database architect is experienced and visionary – this is what Pinja’s specialists are.

Vision – Machine vision

Pinja is focused on implementing demanding machine vision systems. We have been involved with machine vision systems since 1985 and delivered several systems for laboratory use, production quality assurance and other demanding purposes. Our strongest area of competence is image analysis and mathematical modelling. Our implementations are based on measurements and determinations performed on images produced with various imaging technologies, algorithms and lighting. Very often, we create applications for which commercially available solutions are not available due to measuring accuracy, measuring speed or other technical requirements.

We are a trusted partner in the manufacturing industry arena and committed to long-term cooperation. We use the latest technologies to bring our clients the best benefits possible. Our mission is to improve manufacturing companies’ competitiveness by standing at the forefront of optical measurement and smart automation. We are known for our solution-oriented approach and reliable services. They both mirror our employees’ commitment and enthusiasm.

Vision is part of the Pinja’s product family, read more →

Pinja is a Silver Alliance Program Member

Pinja is Certified National Instruments’ Silver Alliance Program Member and System Integrator.

Most of the members of our LabVIEW™ application development team have completed National Instruments’ application development certification.

  • NI Certified LabVIEW™ Architect (CLA)
  • NI Certified LabVIEW™ Developer (CLD)
  • NI Certified LabVIEW™ Associate Developer (CLAD)

We have carried out several deliveries for different sectors of industry and in this way earned customer respect and recognition as an architectural and application designer of complex systems. Our specialist areas include the most demanding measurement and analysis projects.

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