The machine vision technology of the future is destined to steer business

The quickly developing machine vision technology can be utilised comprehensively in various industries. Extremely accurate machine vision provides real-time information about production and products, such as shapes, colours and surface structure. Machine vision-based imaging effectively produces digital information usable for the purposes of measurement, production control and analysis, quality control, and optimisation, for example.

Machine vision solutions are full-fledged production process optimisers and controllers. Automation and production control systems are capable of utilising the data collected more efficiently than before, as artificial intelligence algorithms extract indicators optimising and predicting operations from enormous amounts of data.

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Examples of machine vision application in industry:


Web monitoring and control, for example, at paper or steel production lines

Production quality assurance, component handling and positioning

Optical dimension measurements, reading of codes and markings in production

Why machine vision? Speed brings growth, quality reduces waste

Machine vision solutions bring efficiency to production and automation, since they can be utilised in a versatile manner not only in quality and production control, but also in the development and optimisation of production processes. Machine vision is tireless and therefore fast, and accuracy minimises waste. At its best, an intelligent machine vision solution functions as an integral part of production control and its development, even completely independently, allowing production personnel to focus on tasks that are more important, such as development of production operations. 

Machine vision is at its best in case of large production volumes and tight quality standards. Machine vision supports production growth and reduces material waste.

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Pinja’s machine vision expertise and products are utilised in the following industries, for example:

Paper, cardboard and pulp industry

Steel industry

Tyre industry

Food industry

Machine vision products - Optical and camera-based solutions for production

Vision by Pinja automatic detection systems are excellently suited to demanding industry conditions. The solutions improve the reliability, productivity and functionality of machinery and production lines. 

Technologies: Machine vision, optical sensors, automation, pneumatic and servo technology, robotics, hyperspectral imaging, optics, lighting, 3D measurement.

Our machine vision products:

IR web break detector VISI LT100

VISI LT100 is a fiber optic detector based on infrared recognition using optical fibers. The product is widely used in the paper, cardboard, and pulp industry; it can also be utilised for other web-type break detection. 

Benefits of the web break detector:

  • Easy to install
  • The sensor withstands high temperatures
  • Reliable break interpretation
  • In-process function level check
  • Low maintenance need
  • Typical installation sites: To paper machine free space or for measurement against roller/cylinder

Intelligent web break detector VISI 110

VISI 110 represents the latest technology in optical web break detection. It is effortlessly suitable for different conditions, including where free space is limited.

Benefits of the web break detector:

  • Easy to install
  • Colour analysis-based break detection
  • Off-web installation for improved cleanliness and avoidance of process interferences
  • Low maintenance costs as compared to optical fiber-based sensors
  • Typical installation sites: for measurement against paper machine sieve, roller/cylinder

The microprocessor-based product brings the following benefits:

  • Reliable break detection (adaptive)
  • Automatic or manual calibration
  • Web Server user interface
  • Remote use
  • Recording of history data

Edge monitoring system VISI LT200

VISI LT200 is suitable for controlling paper machine sieves and felts.

Benefits of the edge monitoring system:

  • Easy installation and use
  • Contact-free measurement
  • Long-lasting and reliable system
  • Low maintenance need

The VISI LT200 measurement fork can be replaced with modern VISIEDGE technology cost-effectively.

Diameter measuring system VISI DMS

The VISI DMS diameter measurement system is an efficient complete solution for quality control and production optimisation of industrial sleeve, pipe and rod product lines.

Benefits of the quality control system:

  • One-sided diameter measurement
  • Excellent measuring accuracy, even up to 0.05mm
  • Easy to use
  • Product register for product recipes
  • Low maintenance need
  • Ethernet interface to the customer’s system

VISIEYE product family is designed for demanding operating conditions

Designed for demanding operating conditions. The integrated machine vision sensor of the VISIEYE product family is suitable for industrial measurement, detection and quality control applications. It is used in both the VISIEYE detection system and the VISIEDGE edge measurement and control system products. The sensor can also be used in customer-specific solutions.

  • Excellent cleanliness owing to laminar airflow
  • Optional additional protective housing made of stainless steel (EN 1.4401) for even better cleanliness
  • The product can be equipped with additional cooling (Vortex) for hot conditions

Edge measurement and control system VISIEDGE

VISIEDGE is suitable for measuring the position and width of a band-like product on a production line. It can also function as an independent edge control system.

Benefits of the edge measurement and control system:

  • VISIEDGE is suitable for measuring the centrality, edge or width of a band-like product on a production line. It can also function as an independent edge control system.
  • Excellently accurate measurement
  • Connections to automation systems: Analog (mA/IO), Ethernet, and Profinet/Profibus (with optional module) 
  • Lighting options: Counterlight, backlight, laser and ultraviolet laser
  • Comprehensive installation possibilities
  • Typical installation sites: Paper machines, steel rolling mills, steel production lines, unwinders and rewinders

Detection system VISIEYE MARK READER

VISIEYE MARK READER reliably detects and interprets progress codes and fault marks printed on the web edge. The results are transferred to the automation system through versatile I/O interfaces.

Benefits of the detection system:

  • Easy to install
  • Compact solution
  • Can read grayscale markings or optionally coloured and ultraviolet ink markings
  • Connections to automation systems: Analog (mA/IO), Ethernet, and Profinet/Profibus (with optional module) 
  • Typical installation sites: Paper machines, slitter winders, quality control system marking reading solutions, unwinders and rewinders

Quality control systems

Intelligent quality control systems based on 3D measurement are suitable for quality monitoring and control of continuous processes and piece goods. In addition to VISI 3D Profiler and VISI DMS systems, we offer customer-specific solutions for industrial production lines.

Technologies: Machine vision, optical sensors, automation, hydraulic and servo technology, robotics, hyperspectral imaging, optics, lighting, 3D measurement.

Quality control system VISI 3D Profiler

VISI 3D Profiler is an excellent solution for accurate quality control of production and processing lines for sheets and band-like materials. The system can be implemented in single-sided or double-sided configuration.

Benefits of the quality control system:

  • Improved productivity owing to less waste
  • Clear user interface: Measurement results, trends, statistics, and alarms
  • Optimised use of materials
  • Improved final product quality

Machine vision projects

Machine vision solutions are acquired for the purpose of solving some production challenge, improving production quality and reliability, or streamlining operations. A machine vision solution has a positive effect on, for example, the amount of waste, production quality, and enhancement or complete elimination of manual work steps.

A machine vision project can be a wonderfully fast and simple solution for a single smart device or a very complex system solution containing several measurements.

Pinja’s automatic measurement, data collection and control systems are excellently suited to demanding industry conditions. Solutions designed for the needs of our customers increase the productivity, functionality and safety of machinery and production lines. Owing to our high-quality solutions, the quality of the products is first-rate as well.

Technologies: Machine vision, optical sensors, automation, hydraulic and servo technology, robotics, hyperspectral imaging, optics, lighting, 3D measurement.

Dealerships and resale

Cognex machine vision sensors and systems

The Cognex Corporation (USA) is the world’s leading manufacturer of smart cameras, machine vision software, smart sensors, and code readers.

Machine vision solutions by Cognex help companies accelerate production, minimise production errors, improve product quality, and reduce production costs.

We also carry out application design using components by Cognex and serve as their approved application developer. We have direct contacts with both product development and sales in their organisation.

The Vision Pro and Insight Explorer software tools allow cost-effective implementation of demanding and versatile applications.

Benefits of Cognex products:

  • Ready-made code recognition solutions
  • Comprehensive range of equipment
  • Quick 3D sensors
  • Versatile program libraries
  • Efficient algorithms
  • Well-suited for customer-specific applications

Cognex’s web site →


EGE-Elektronik Spezial-Sensoren GmbH has been developing and manufacturing special-purpose sensors for automation applications since 1976. The company serves leading international producers from a wide range of industries. EGE offers a wide choice of standard and special sensors tailored to the customers’ needs. Reliability is the most important design criterion in sensor manufacture. Owing to this, the company’s customers represent, among others, the paper, steel, food, sawmill, chemical, and marine industries.

Its product portfolio includes flow controllers, infrared, opto and ultrasonic sensors, capacitive proximity switches, light barriers, and inductive proximity switches. EGE also provides sensors for extremely demanding conditions. The development department’s highly qualified staff cooperates closely with all customers, ensuring continuous product updates and enhancement.

EGE has been a pioneer in the field of flow measurement and participates in the development of globally used temperature and flow sensors from the customer’s perspective. The in-house EMC and testing laboratories ensure that all inspections and tests required for permits and conformity certificates are carried out quickly and reliably. Product quality is guaranteed with a continuously monitored quality management system in accordance with the standard EN ISO 9001:2000. Quality has its makers, and EGE-Elektronik Spezial-Sensoren GmbH is one of us.

EGE-Elektronik’s web site →

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Our customers' experiences of Pinja's machine vision solutions:

Success story

CP Kelco

“Previously, we analyzed the quality of CMC by visual inspection methods. The analysis equipment provides results that are more reliable than the human eye helping us develop the product and its production.”

– Simo Mäntymaa, Quality Manager

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Success story

Nammo Lapua

Earlier, all inspections were carried out visually. Each cartridge was inspected for cracks – dimensions were randomly checked. Human errors are always possible in tasks that require perseverance and attention. In automated inspection, this risk is avoided. The work can also be performed faster with the help of Pinja’s machine vision solution.

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