Excellent maintenance decisions are made on the basis of
reliable and timely data

Preventive maintenance is founded on a smart maintenance system which the entire organisation is happy to use

Preventive maintenance has been talked about for a long time, but most businesses are still not implementing it in the optimal way. Preventive maintenance can be used to avoid unplanned production stoppages and their cumulative effects. The basis for preventive maintenance is a smart maintenance system that knows how to combine historical and measured data and is easy to use, making it convenient to enter maintenance events into the system independently of time and place.

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Choose a maintenance system designed for the users

50 %*

of jobs are not entered into traditional maintenance systems”

Using a maintenance system and making entries must be easy for maintenance technicians. Ease means increasing the utilisation rate of the system and improving the quality and timeliness of data.

Instead of using a corporate enterprise resource planning system, a system developed specifically for maintenance will genuinely support the daily management of a maintenance organisation and its important duties, including job planning, reporting, and decision-making.
(*Stetson Harrison Institute 2020)

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We operate as a maintenance system partner in for example the following industries:

Food industry

Energy and circular economy

Metal industry

Medicine and packaging industries

Wood processing and construction industries

Paper industry

Our solution: Novi – maintenance system

Novi by Pinja is a system for the modern management and development of preventive maintenance.

It digitalizes data for the management and development of industrial maintenance, catering to the needs of both maintenance personnel and supervisors.

With Novi’s clear and visual user interface, you can improve the efficiency of team operations and help in locating the problems in your production.

Novi works handily on browsers on any terminal device, having a user interface that is genuinely optimized for mobile use. All of the features of browser-based operation are available, including the simultaneous use of several tabs, browser printing, and favouriting Novi features. QR codes can likewise be used by default.

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Novi by Pinja is a mobile maintenance system designed for users

Optimised for mobile devices, Novi improves the utilisation rate of the maintenance system by being readily available and always clear. Novi goes with you on your smartphone and is available just as any other smartphone function independent of time, place, or network connection.

The system is easy to use and modify. You can customise system views, forms, and terminology, create quick-access functions, and specify individualised ways of use.

With Novi, you can take control of the maintenance operating model. The system allows you to document your maintenance operating model and processes. Novi supports the daily management and meeting practices of maintenance, making it more systematic and easier to develop your maintenance practices.

The system is scalable for both small and large businesses. Novi is independent of industry or organisation size. The system is usable in organisations ranging from small businesses to global enterprise groups, only the ways of using it vary.

Novi – Main system properties:

Machine and device register

Job resourcing, scheduling, and reporting views

Production work request

QR code and NFC technology

Calendar and route-based preventive maintenance plans

Spare parts

Documents and reporting

Partner register

Novi – All functionalities:

Developing preventive maintenance:

Route maintenances

Signing off routine inspection rounds such as meter readings and maintenance activities.

Operator maintenances

Entering inspections and observations by production operators into Novi.

Runtime maintenance, RTM

Maintenance plan for machines and devices based not on the calendar but on use.


Form for entering device-specific measurement data into Novi, including commission inspection protocols.

ACM, Automatic Condition Monitoring

Monitoring of event data input automatically from the production process and the generation of job cards in Novi.

Operating log

Entering and browsing facility operating events and their history search. Replaces paper logs. Work requests also available in the log.

Improving the efficiency of maintenance materials management:

Inventory management

Material management tasks in Novi; intake, arrival, inventory, and returns. Multi-storage operations, alert limits for item purchases.


Making, sending, and managing purchase orders.

Transparency of maintenance data:

Info TV

Sharing maintenance data to facility infoTV systems.


Receive maintenance jobs and storage events into your e-mail inbox to facilitate data sharing.

Time sheets

Recording of paid hours into the Novi system.

Partner interface

Maintenance partners have their own limited interface in Novi for reporting their own jobs at the facility.

Maintenance as a safety factor:

Safety observations

Recording events related to occupational safety, including close calls and accidents. Automatic sharing of information concerning the progress of works related to occupational safety.

Work permit management

Management and upkeep of various work permits for maintenance personnel. The necessary work permits for completing a job can be targeted to specific work orders.

Continuous improvement / Lean in maintenance:

Task management

Management and tracking of problem-solving tasks relating to maintenance.

Advanced document management

Maintaining document management with document hierarchies and document management is enabled by key functions such as versioning and defining document permissions.

Committing sub-contractors:

Integrations into other systems

Uncomplicated integrations into other company systems such as ERP, MES, maps systems, and control rooms.

Facility extension

With Novi, you can manage the maintenance of all group facilities with one system. For company management, the facility extension offers a view for harmonising, comparing, and benchmarking the maintenance of all facilities and for investing into it.

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Novi by Pinja and Business Intelligence - intelligent refining of maintenance data

The maintenance system includes a wealth of data in support of operational development. With the Microsoft Power BI tool, the collected maintenance data can be refined into clear, visual information to support decision-making. Novi BI is an additional service for Novi cloud service customers which enables the formation of a comprehensive picture of the state of maintenance. Novi BI can be used to generate dynamic reports of for example map views, facility layout views, or key figures and, if necessary, it can be used to benchmark maintenance operations between different facility locations. The additional Novi BI service is an integrated feature of the Novi user interface.

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Our customers’ experiences with the Novi system:

Napapiirin Energia ja Vesi Oy

Maintenance of a growing and developing company needed a more efficient maintenance system. “Novi was chosen for us because of its flexibility, mobility and customizability.”

– Henrik Haavikko, Operation Engineer

Keravan Energia Oy

“Compared to the past, Novi is more mobile-friendly, especially for maintenance work, proactive maintenance, spare part management, device registry maintenance, quality management for maintenance, and now the latest security record.”

– Markus Lehti, Maintenance Engineer

Kemin Energia ja Vesi Oy

“The main objectives of the system acquisition were the following: the system would improve communication between treatment plant personnel and on-call staff, provide an up-to-date equipment register, better follow-up on preventive maintenance and a supplier register.”

– Pekka Paavola, Operating Engineer

Ifolor Oy

“We decided to start organizing maintenance and wanted our operators to have easy access to service calls and bug reports. We were immediately able to deploy Maint for efficient use.

– Timo Jokinen, Production Manager

Valmet NA Roll Service

“The early introduction of computer-based control at Rautpohja has provided an extremely rare benefit. The factory now has a reliable, two-decade history of failure. It is quickly available from the computer, it does not forget or retires.”

– Heikki Koivula, Service Manager

Versowood Oy

“All of the equipment has been placed in the maintenance system hierarchy, so machine-specific information is easy to find. Otherwise, the system is logical and easy to use.”

– Jyrki Nieminen, Maintenance Manager

How can I get started?

The starting point of our maintenance system deliveries is always an in-depth understanding of the customer’s maintenance processes and problems. Our specialists are experts in maintenance development who will bring their diverse skills into the projects to support the customer. Our system delivery is based on a concepted project completion model, and we will always offer you full support from commissioning until the end of the system lifespan.

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We offer:

  • Analysis of the current state, processes, target state, and benefit potential of the maintenance system and a solution model for implementing the change
  • Validation and migration of initial data
  • Fast system commissioning and operator training
  • System and customer support since day 1
  • Expert partnership, industrial expertise, and continuous customer relation development
  • The combined skills of more than 450 specialists from various sectors of knowledge-based management, software development, automation, production planning, and maintenance