Flow turns material flows and time into money – a material management and tracking system

The lack of transparency in the material flow management in the circular economy companies results in a great amount of wasted working hours, which affects the profitability of business. This is why we developed a simple and cost-effective tool together with circular economy experts specifically for companies operating in material recycling, waste management, waste-to-energy, biogas and biofuel production sectors. The tool will allow you to make material flows transparent and efficient.

The result is Flow by Pinja, which collects, distributes, and reports data exactly where needed with just a few clicks. Flow strips away redundant features, complications, and the clicking of Excel sheets. You will save your nerves and your time for more meaningful and profitable tasks.

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Flow unites the people, systems, profits, and data in the circular economy companies – much more than just a weighing system

Flow is a simplified browser-based SaaS system developed for circular economy companies. The system introduces a process that is free of redundant work and complications. By using this real-time material flows management system, it is possible not only to carry out material reception tasks but also produce versatile reports from all stages of the supply chain and for all stakeholders involved. With Flow, we will maximise your result by minimising unnecessary manual tasks.

More efficient material flow management

With Flow, data related to material flows will be recorded in real-time, ensuring that correct information is used as basis for invoicing. Material flow monitoring is always up-to-date throughout the entire supply chain management process.

⟲ Efficient weighing and material reception functions
⟲ Monitoring of material flows
⟲ Real-time storage and inventory management

Work that saves time and nerves

Flow reduces both the number of working hours and stress. The system also automatises manual work stages and supports planning and forecasting.

⟲ Saving working hours
⟲ Improving the efficiency of material flows
⟲ Quick and easy data traceability

Data management that is easy and delivers results

With Flow, no piece of data will ever go missing again. The system will assist you in the day-to-day work of your facility and provide accurate and comparable reports with the push of a button.

⟲ Automatised data transfers
⟲ Clear data management
⟲ Timely reporting

Better margins, more growth and profitability

Flow turns material flows and time into money by making hidden expenses visible. With Flow, profitability of the business will improve, contributing to its development.

⟲ Transparency in invoicing
⟲ Turning material flows into revenue
⟲ Easy and fast monitoring of the key indicators

We are a material flow management partner for enterprises in the circular economy:

Material recycling

Waste management


Biogas and other biofuels

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Our circular economy customers:

Envor Group

“I believe that Flow will allow us to improve the efficiency of office work and free up and allocate resources to other tasks, such as supporting sales and financial administration. Another major effect on business is enhancement of internal and external reporting. This means better customer reporting, which we consider very important.”

– Samuli Laine, COO

Kierto Ympäristöpalvelut

“We had the opportunity to influence the features from the beginning, as we were already involved in the service design phase of the system. No other system has been made before Flow from a circular economy point of view. Everything so far has had to be modified, twisted and translated to suit us. ”

– Jari Koivula, Quality Manager

Ekokymppi Oy

“An essential criterion in selecting the supplier of the system was the “one-stop shop principle” – the fact that all the necessary parts of the system could be obtained from the same supplier. Pinja offered such a solution.”

– Marjut Kinnunen, Customer Service Manager