The seeds of the company begin to germinate at the beginning of the decade. Protacon, an industrial consulting company, is born and the software company Jiop is integrated to Protacon. At the outset, the company will survive the harsh economic climate of society in difficult circumstances.


The company is expanding its operations regionally. Regional offices are set up to cover the service needs of industrial Finland.


The company is growing at its own pace and through acquisitions. The company grows from a small to medium-sized enterprise into a large enterprise. Net sales will triple and the number of people will more than double.

Over a decade, the company is rising and experiencing a transformation. After the turn of the decade, the company is selled to MB Funds by the operating management and the founders of the company. The management, administration and management model of the company are renewed. In the last three years of the decade, the company will grow by 7 significant players in the industry through acquisitions.


The beginning of the new decade will turn a new page in company history as the fourth decade of business begins. Pinja was born when a group of major industrial digitalization companies Pinja, ARROW, SWD, Descal and Powen, joined forces. In August 2020, Pinja bought PiiMega Oy.