Technological solutions for health and welfare maintain and advance the quality of life, wellbeing and health of people

Digital solutions are developed at an ever-increasing pace enabled by the health and welfare technology. Many equipment and software suppliers have taken up challenges related to this sector, which requires – besides new digital solutions – also knowledge of related legislation and quality requirements.

Equipment and software suppliers operating in the health and welfare technology must be familiar inter alia with the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) and standards related to Total Quality Management and Risk Management regarding their own activities and products and solutions.

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Features of health and welfare industry digitalization:


Availability and safety of devices and systems

Increasing role of software in critical operations

Many regulatory and quality system requirements are related to this business sector

Select a partner for development to whom the results matter

In addition to patient safety, a seamless user experience and reliable implementation are important elements of a successful healthcare solution. However, these are not built alone, but we believe in cooperation. Utilization of versatile competence enables future-proof solutions, not forgetting the end customer experience.

Select a partner to whom the results matter. Whether you are an R&D Leader or Chief Information Officer of a Health Care District, we offer you an expert view of a solution, and in the best case, a long-term strategic partner and a friend.

Long-term development projects take time and money

A strictly regulated business sector in terms of legislation and standards

Ensuring maintenance after quality system procurement and deployment

Finding a competent partner to support development projects

Data security and data protection

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Health technology service providers

Medical device manufacturers

Pharmaceutical companies

Health care districts

Pinja is a pioneer in the digitalization of health and welfare technology in Finland

Pinja has been involved in creating the Medical Agile model in cooperation with the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) to ensure compliance with applicable regulatory requirements and standards while simultaneously applying agile software development.

We have more than 10 years’ experience and expertise in software development required by medical devices. Our Health and Welfare Technology Quality System is certified in accordance with ISO 13485:2016 covering both the product development of medical software and services and related continuous service provision. Our customers can entrust us with projects delivering solutions that meet all applicable standards, customer requirements and statutory regulations.

Software development

  • Experience in healthcare systems and health technology
  • Processes: Medical Agile, DevOps, ISO 13485, ISO 14971, IEC 62304…
  • Technologies: .Net, Java, C#, C++, SQL, Python, PHP

Knowledge-based management

  • Data warehouse automation: TimeXtender, Datavault
  • Reporting and analytics: Power BI, Tableau, R
  • IoT data collection solutions


  • Delivery of critical healthcare messages: IPa Enterprice Service Bus
  • GDPR, data security, data protection, pseudonymization


  • Medical Device Regulation (MDR)
  • Medical Device Directive (MDD)
  • Medical device software development
  • Risk Management, Revision Management, Product Lifecycle Management

Maintenance (ITIL)

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Monitoring, maintenance and backup services
  • Data center services
  • Public cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP)

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Customer experiences


“We worked with Pinja in designing the Evondos® medication dosage service, with which the number of errors has been radically reduced. We have reached a correct dosage level of 99.5 percent.”


“End users of the software include not only doctors who monitor the bone lengthening treatment, but indirectly also patients who receive daily instructions via the application for using their home devices and implementing the treatment.”


“Pinja has a big role in our service chain. Service entities defined together with Pinja have mainly been related to keyless entry in home care for the elderly.”


“The database and its user interface that supports innovation is one of the important foundations we can use to continue developing the video analysis method of cardiac muscle cells. As the development progresses, we can also expand the functionality of the software.”


“Thanks to the LabVIEW™ based software test system provided by Pinja, our testing process has accelerated, improved and become more accurate. The system has offered us clear benefits in terms of money and time.”


“We have received a lot of positive feedback from dentists. They have considered the software developed by Pinja simple and intuitive to use. Many procedures performed by dentists have notably accelerated due to the new software.”

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