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Forest industry value chain is complex to manage and complex to optimize from a tree stump to end products, let alone doing it simultaneously on different global markets. In order to succeed, it is time to become a game changer in the forest industry with overall optimization strategy and tools. It’s time to disrupt and modernize the industry with the use of learning algorithms and real-time data.

Our solutions for you

Digitizing forest industry value chain

We offer the fast track to using modern technology, integrations and simulated product planning with digital twins. We help you to achieve better resource efficiency, meet tightening regulations and to make more profit at the same time. Making complex margin and value calculations possible and certification and reporting easier to handle.

Do it the right way

With forest industry expertise

Take control of responsible growth using a software developed specifically to forest industry needs. We have included the industry’s best practices to our solution. The system calculating algorithms and big data helps you find the margins lost in the process, which guarantee the profitability of operations further into the future.

Do it in a new way

With operational excellence

Optimize the whole global production chain with the use of modern technology and real time data. We offer efficient ways to optimize and manage procurement, processing, productivity and sales. With us you can find new ways to reach your goals, grow overall profitability, improve efficiency and reach new markets.

Do it more efficiently

With fast track development

Harmonize your global production with the help of a scalable solution portfolio and automated data collection from the entire supply chain. Our modular system enables rapid deployment and gradual development as well. Our integration know-how makes us a reliable partner. Taking control of compatible use of multiple softwares.

Become a game changer in forest industry with overall optimization strategy and tools

Overall optimization strategy requires industry-specific knowledge of developing productivity, from the tree stump to end products. Pinja Digital Forest Platform digitizes the whole value chain built on industry specific knowledge. We can help you to reach your goals whatever they are, optimizing material procurement, processing, productivity or sales.  We guide you with a partner-driven approach. Giving you all the ready-made insight tools to implement the strategy into operational level faster and more efficiently.

Our key solutions in Pinja Digital Forest platform for forest industry are:

Forest by Pinja

ERP system for wood procurement, harvesting and logistics

Terminal by Pinja

Raw material procurement, receipt, storage and payment transactions

Timber by Pinja

ERP system for sawmills and wood processing plants

iPES by Pinja

Production planning and supply chain management system

Gema by Pinja

Machine monitoring and MES system

Novi by Pinja

Maintenance management and development system

IPa by Pinja

Integration platform for merging data

Business Intelligence

Data warehouses, analyzing and reporting with Power BI

IT Services

Support, maintenance and development

Cloud platforms

Public cloud (Azure, AWS, GCP), Private cloud, HCL

We guide your journey by being the best partner in future proofing forest industry towards excellence

Assessment of processes and optimization needs

We help outline the processes of the current situation and provide guidance in software  and unit optimization. We ensure the preconditions for successful deployment by identifying the company’s current challenges, growth goals and needs for solutions that facilitate work.

Service package configuration

Modularity enables further development of company-specific features. Deploying the ready-made software does not require large investments. The software integrates with existing systems and devices, as well as e.g. accounting software.

Fast and gradual deployment

Ready-made system solutions and interfaces enable fast deployment and scaling. With us by your side, you do not have to be afraid of change. We guide and help with the deployment of the system. We take care of deployment schedules and teach you how to take full advantage of the system. We always train users in person.

Continuous development and partnership

The system’s license covers everything from updates to helpdesk. With continuous system development, the features of our products diversify, and their operations meet the changing requirements of the industry. We develop the system together with the best professionals in the field and experts familiar with the forest industry.

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Deliveries we have made to our customers

Metsä Board Husum

The project was started by defining in more detail the objectives, research questions, process descriptions and initial data. Metsä Board’s project team assembled the initial data and process descriptions required for the simulation. Pinja’s team constructed a dynamic simulation model that was used to study the behaviour of the process in various scenarios.

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“All of the equipment has been placed in the maintenance system hierarchy, so machine-specific information is easy to find. Otherwise, the system is logical and easy to use.”

– Jyrki Nieminen, Maintenance Manager

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