We don’t just sell capacity; we provide a secure and transparent cloud partnership

We are a technology- and platform-independent partner that builds custom cloud services with over 30 years of experience. We provide cloud services and information systems from their development to maintenance and management, as well as support services throughout the service lifecycle. We also offer consulting services for your project.


Pinja cloud services for companies

Cloud platforms and cloud technologies

Public Cloud

  • Microsoft Azure (Azure)
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Private Cloud

  • Capacity and co-location services
  • Multi-cloud management and hybrid solutions
  • Three different locations in Finland
  • Secure server rooms (e. g. ISO 27001, ISO 22301 and the Katakri audit)
  • 100% green energy

Cloud service management 24/7

  • Support service
  • Monitoring services and backup solutions (incl. DR) 
  • Data security management services, disruption and change management
  • Capacity and performance optimization
  • Cost monitoring and reporting
  • Documentation of cloud environments
  • Monthly service level reporting

DevOps software development

  • DevOps software development using agile methods
  • Automation tools
  • Automated CI/CD pipelines
  • Continuous testing, monitoring, and service delivery practices
  • Data security and quality indicators
  • Functional processes and cooperation from development to production

Cloud consulting

  • Cloud capability mapping of systems
  • Cost comparison of different cloud options
  • Design and selection of cloud services
  • Cloud migrations and the deployment of cloud technologies
  • Systems modernization and transformation
  • Improvement of cloud security policies
  • Deployment and training of new cloud services

Cloud Governance

  • Cloud Governance ensures the business benefits of the cloud service
  • Defined roles and responsibilities
  • Common rules of the game
  • Best practices in technical architecture
  • Key security configurations
  • Access control best practices
  • Risk management and business requirements

Cloud connections

Direct connections to cloud services

  • Azure Express Route
  • AWS Direct Connect
  • Google Cloud Interconnect
  • Secure connections between server rooms

Benefits of the service

  • One contract for over 500 data centers
  • SDN is a scalable service network
  • Flexible capacity management
  • Pay as you go

We are also Finland's leading HCL expert

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Why a cloud partner is needed?

Many organizations are considering the deployment of cloud services, or a cloud transition has already taken place, but now they are left wondering how to get the most out of the cloud. However, a typical problem is the lack of skills or insufficient resources. In addition to the efficient use of cloud services, the security of cloud services is a concern for many, so the following question arises: “Is the level of security of our cloud services certainly adequate?”. And what are the costs of cloud services?


We at Pinja promise you:


We are professionals of three public clouds: Azure, AWS and GCP, as well as Private Cloud solutions

Secure cloud services and practices, as well as a transparent operating model

Performance- and cost-optimized cloud services and information systems, and the right cloud platform for the right need

Our customers' experiences

Muster by Pinja

Muster by Pinja is the leading vehicle inspection system in the Nordic countries. The browser-based cloud service not only speeds up the vehicle inspection, but also includes an appointment, checkout and billing system.
  • Serving the vehicle inspection field since 2013
  • Used at more than 540 inspection stations in Finland and Sweden

The challenge

The architecture of the Muster service platform brought a challenge to the growth of the service and the business. The architecture consisted of several parallel servers, which was rigid to scale according to demand.

The architecture of the platform involved a lot of working time and monitoring its status was not at the desired level: monitoring was only successful in a large perspective and thus the predictability of the service level was difficult.

The solution: Cloud migration to Microsoft Azure platform

  • A better scalable system allows the capacity of the service to be increased or decreased quickly according to demand, thus providing better usability, and streamlining the cost structure of the platform
  • More accurate monitoring telemetry enables better monitoring and forecasting of the service status, thus ensuring better service availability
  • Agile, modern solutions can be utilized in software development
  • There is more time left to develop the service and create added value for customers


“We wanted a public cloud platform that offers different scaling possibilities and automation, which were not possible in our old model.”
– Riitta Kemppainen, Product Owner

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“So far, more than 30,000 dosages for more than 150 patients have been administered by the system. Thus, Pinja helped us solve one of the major problems of medical care: medical adherence.”
– Jyrki Niinistö, CEO

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“Pinja has a big role in our service chain. Service entities defined together with Pinja have mainly been related to keyless entry in home care for the elderly.”
– Pasi Salonen, CEO

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